8 Annoying Dating Behaviors that Need to Stop

8 Annoying Dating Behaviors that Need to Stop

If you’re a single person who goes on a lot of dates, you know that some are amazing and others are a total flop. Although no one enjoys wasting a couple of hours with someone who acts strange or obnoxious, it does provide for some funny anecdotes to tell your friends. At the same time, nothing is more painful than thinking you’ve struck gold only to discover he’s not interested in a second date. But, in any case, don’t give up. You’ll eventually find the proper guy if you keep looking. Meanwhile, here are 8 unpleasant things that people on dates should never do. 

8 Annoying Dating Behaviors that Need to Stop

1. Constantly texting you before you’ve met

We get that people want to get to know you, but telling you their life story and asking you about yours for days before the date negates the purpose of going on the date in the first place. After all, what would be left to discuss? Furthermore, it conveys the appearance that he is a needy dork with no friends. 

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