University of Adelaide Research Scholarship 2024, Australia

With its roots deep in Australian academic history, the University of Adelaide is a venerable stronghold of public scholarship, proudly upholding its reputation while nestled in the heart of Adelaide, South Australia. This university, which is well-known for its high academic standards, is frequently recognized as a top institution both nationally and worldwide. It maintains an unflinching dedication to pushing the frontiers of knowledge and taking on real-world problems head-on, and its network of research centres acts as testing grounds for growth on a worldwide scale and the development of collective wisdom.

Driven by a strong commitment to sustainability and community involvement, the institution actively cultivates relationships with the local community through outreach programs and cooperative projects, always looking to have a significant impact. Its perspective transcends national boundaries, building global partnerships and cultivating an atmosphere that embraces inclusion and diversity, drawing the most brilliant minds from all over the world.

Fundamentally, the University of Adelaide offers a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs covering a wide range of subject areas, combining them into a rich academic tapestry that guarantees every student will have a life-changing educational experience. As the go-to place for people looking for holistic development and career progress, it maintains its reputation for academic achievement, innovative research, and societal influence.

Scholarship at the University of Adelaide:

Australia is the host country and University of Adelaide is the host university.
Study Level: PhD and Master’s Level;
Type of Scholarship: Fully Funded
Scholarship Value: $1,500–$50,291; International Students Are Eligible
All subjects are available.
The deadline for applications is June 5, 2024.

For the 2024–2025 academic year, the Australian Government Research Training Program (AGRTP) Scholarship offers a remarkable chance for eligible persons to pursue advanced research at the prestigious University of Adelaide in Australia. This esteemed scholarship program is intended to support the academic endeavours of scholars from both domestic and foreign universities as they pursue postgraduate research degrees, which include Masters by Research and Doctoral programs, in a variety of subject areas. Recipients of the AGRTP Scholarship are provided with all-inclusive financial aid, which includes living stipends, tuition, and other costs, so they can focus solely on their academic pursuits.

Additionally, the university’s state-of-the-art facilities, knowledgeable mentorship, and vibrant academic environment are available to recipients of this fellowship, creating an environment that is supportive of ground-breaking research and academic distinction. By way of the kind provisions of this scholarship, people are enabled to make significant contributions in their fields while also enhancing their academic and professional paths.

Benefits of a University of Adelaide scholarship:

The University of Adelaide Research Scholarships, in collaboration with the Australian Government Research Training Program (RTP) Scholarship, provide a full range of advantages designed to assist students in their academic endeavours:

Financial Support: Part-time students earn $17,105 per year, which is also indexed annually, while full-time RTP participants receive an annual stipend of $34,210, subject to annual revisions. Indigenous students enrolled full-time are eligible to $50,291 yearly, while those enrolled part-time receive $25,145.50 annually. It is advisable to obtain independent financial advice because stipends might be taxable.
Academic Support: International students who earn an RTP Scholarship are not required to pay tuition fees, while Australian students receive financial aid in the form of an RTP Fee Offset, which pays for their tuition. Moreover, tuition expenses are waived for recipients of the University of Adelaide Research Scholarship.
Extra Allowances: Medibank Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC), which provides coverage for up to 48 months for Research Doctorate programs and up to 27 months for Research Masters programs, is required for international students. Relocation allowances are possible for both local and foreign students; domestic students can get up to AUD$1,000, while overseas students can receive up to AUD$1,500 to help with moving costs. International candidates are responsible for paying the costs of their medical examination and visa application. Upon early thesis submission, eligible students may also receive an early submission allowance equal to up to two months’ stipend; payment will be handled within four weeks of the thesis being submitted.

Qualifiability Standards

Admission Requirements: Applicants must fulfill certain requirements in order to be considered for admission to the University of Adelaide’s full-time Higher Degree by Research (HDR) program.
Validation of Language Proficiency: Candidates from outside must submit documentation proving they have the required levels of English language proficiency.
Scholarship and Award Exclusions: Recipients who are presently in possession of any Commonwealth Government-awarded scholarships or awards are not eligible.
Restrictions on Financial Aid: Applicants for the Research Training Program Stipend must make sure that the overall amount of money they receive does not exceed 75% of the base stipend.
Readiness for Initiation: It is essential to show that you are ready to start conducting research within the allotted time constraints.
Opportunity for Reapplication: Applicants who have previously applied but were not selected are welcome to reapply in later rounds.
Candidates Without a PhD: Candidates without a research degree comparable to a PhD will be given priority.
Work Completed Previous to Current Enrollment: Applications must show that work completed before the current HDR study began has been submitted.
Consideration for Indigenous Applicants: After ancestry has been verified, people of Indigenous descent may be eligible to apply for the Australian Government Research Training Program Scholarship (Indigenous).
Conformity to Standards: Preference is given to applicants who have never had non-academic rejection concerns brought up during post-review evaluations.

Procedure for Applications

Stage 1:

Verify Your Eligibility Make sure you fulfill all the requirements for the scholarship offered by the Australian Government.

Stage 2:

Evaluate the Scholarship Requirements Examine the requirements in detail since they are crucial to be taken into account for this scholarship.

Stage 3:

Obtain a Mentor Find an appropriate academic mentor who shares your research goals and get in touch with them.

Stage 4:

Finish the Online Application Follow the guidelines to ensure that your application is successfully submitted through the chosen online portal.

Stage 5 (for applicants that are domestic):

Verify Acceptance and Register Once you receive an offer, let them know you accept it and move forward with the enrolling process.

Stage 5 (Applying Internationally):

Verify Acceptance and Register International applicants must accept the offer and proceed with the enrolling procedures as instructed.

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