Scholarships from the University of Exeter Hornby Trust 2024, UK

Scholarships from the University of Exeter Hornby Trust 2024, UK

The University of Exeter, a prestigious academic institution in the UK, is tucked away amid the stunning Devonian landscapes. It is renowned for its creative methods, lively student body, and unshakable dedication to academic success. With beautiful grounds as a backdrop, this university offers a perfect setting for students to explore a wide range of academic subjects. Consistent top rankings highlight its international reputation, which attracts a diverse student body and academic community eager to participate in a top-notch education.

The University of Exeter’s core values are centred on a commitment to supporting diversity of viewpoints, encouraging critical thinking, and promoting creativity. Students begin a life-changing educational journey in a welcoming and energetic environment, aided by the knowledge of eminent professors who are leaders in their disciplines.

The campus life of the University of Exeter is a vibrant tapestry made up of intercollegiate athletics, cultural events, and a close-knit community. Students succeed in a variety of groups, societies, and community projects in addition to their academic pursuits, creating a well-rounded and rewarding university experience.

Scholarship at the University of Exeter:

The University of Exeter is the host university; the United Kingdom is the host country; the study level is PhD; the scholarship type is fully funded; the scholarship worth is 15,500 pounds;
International students are eligible; the application deadline is March 1, 2024; the academic field is Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL).

For students aiming for academic achievement in the UK in the academic year 2023/2024, the University of Exeter’s Hornby Educational Trust scholarships offer an incredible opportunity. These scholarships, which are given out by the prestigious Hornby Educational Trust, demonstrate the university’s commitment to advancing learning and helping worthy people pursue further education.

The Hornby Trust Scholarships come with a number of benefits, such as financial assistance and the opportunity to attend one of the top universities in the UK and receive an excellent education. Designed to support students in their academic pursuits in a variety of disciplines, these scholarships are essential to the vibrant intellectual life at the University of Exeter.

Benefits of a University of Exeter scholarship:

The partnership between the University of Exeter and the Hornby Trust Scholarships provides a life-changing opportunity specifically designed for international students, with a focus on individuals from low- and middle-income countries.

  1. Complete Tuition Coverage: The scholarship guarantees full exemption from tuition costs for the TESOL Master’s degree, relieving students of the financial burden of continuing their studies.
  2. Generous Financial Support: Recipients get a sizeable stipend of at least £15,500, which goes a long way toward helping with living expenses and housing in the UK and improving the overall quality of the educational experience.
  3. All-inclusive Travel Assistance: The scholarship covers the expense of international travel for return trips, reducing the financial barriers associated with studying overseas and enabling a seamless transition for the recipients.
  4. Targeted Capacity Building: The scholarship enables recipients to implement professional development projects that have a significant impact on their home countries by improving their English language teaching abilities.
  5. Access to a Dynamic Learning Environment: Learning takes place in a richer, more TESOL-based environment when students are exposed to the University of Exeter’s active academic and research milieu.
  6. Opportunities for Career Advancement: The scholarship’s reputation enhances employment opportunities in TESOL and related professions, especially for recipients in their home nations, indicating the scholarship’s significant influence on professional paths.

Qualifiability Standards:

The Hornby Trust Scholarships’ brief eligibility requirements are listed below, along with relevant information:

Citizenship Requirement: Applicants must be nationals of nations that the OECD DAC identify as low- and middle-income countries.
Qualifications for Residency and Employment: Applicants must be citizens of the designated countries and employed there in order to be eligible for the scholarship.
Academic Requirements: Applicants should be undergraduate degree holders, with a preference for those with relevant postgraduate degrees.
Experience Teaching TESOL: After receiving their first degree, candidates must have worked full-time for at least three years in TESOL teaching or related professions.
Impact Potential: Candidates must exhibit a strong desire to significantly advance English language instruction in their nation of origin.
Program Application Requirement: Selected applicants should submit an application to the University of Exeter’s Master of Education in TESOL (MEd TESOL) program.

Procedure for Applications

In order to guarantee that applicants fulfill particular requirements and are adequately equipped for their academic endeavours, the Hornby Trust Scholarship application procedure entails many crucial steps:

University Admission: Applicants must first submit an application to the University of Exeter’s Master of Education in TESOL (MEd TESOL) program. It is essential to enroll in this program successfully because admission determines your eligibility for the award.
Information Gathering: It’s important to compile all pertinent data and required paperwork before starting the scholarship application. This initial phase of preparation guarantees a seamless and effective application procedure.
Online Scholarship Application: After obtaining the Exeter student number from the program application, applicants fill out the Hornby Scholarship online application, which serves as a distinctive number for expedited processing.
Cover Letter: The application must have a cover letter that discusses the applicant’s list of the major difficulties in teaching English as a second language. It should highlight a customized strategy, specify how the MEd TESOL program will address these issues, and justify the applicant’s eligibility for the Hornby Scholarship.
Submission and Extensive Assessment: Following submission, the scholarship committee carries out an extensive assessment. Assuring the completeness and accuracy of the information submitted is crucial for applicants, highlighting the need of paying close attention to details throughout the selection process.

Official internet page:

Please check the university’s official website at for more details.

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