How to Apply for the Manchester United Academy

The Manchester United Academy offers scholarships each year for young players to train with top coaches and compete at an elite level. If you’re selected, you’ll train daily with some of the best youth development coaches in the world at United’s state-of-the-art training ground.

To apply, you must:

  1. Be between the ages of 16 to 18 on December 31st of the year you apply. United scouts talent from all over the UK, so you don’t have to live locally.
  2. Meet the FA’s youth registration criteria. This includes things like proving your age and amateur status. Your club will help you gather the necessary paperwork.
  3. Be nominated by your current club. Only clubs affiliated with the FA can nominate players. If selected, United will contact your club directly.
  4. Attend a trial. The best nominees are invited to Carrington Training Centre for a multi-day trial where coaches evaluate your talent and potential. About 24 players are selected for scholarships.
  5. Commit to the program. If awarded a scholarship, you’ll sign a two-year contract and commit to the training and match schedule. You must maintain good grades to continue.

The Academy program is extremely competitive, but also an incredible opportunity. With hard work and the right skills and mindset, you could become part of Manchester United’s next generation of footballing stars. If this is your dream, go for it – you have nothing to lose and a possible career at one of the world’s biggest clubs to gain!

Eligibility Requirements to Apply for the Manchester United Academy

To apply for the Official Manchester United Academy Scholarship, you must meet several eligibility criteria. The academy is looking for players with exceptional talent and potential.

1. Age

You must be between the ages of 16 to 18 at the start of the scholarship. The academy focuses on developing players during these formative years. Players outside this age range are not eligible for the official scholarship program.

2. Football Skills and Experience

Applicants should have a minimum of 5 years playing experience in an organized youth football program. You must demonstrate advanced skills and techniques on the pitch that set you apart from other players your age. Things like ball control, passing, defending, attacking, etc. The academy receives many more applications than available spots, so only the most gifted players will make it to the next stage.

3. Education

You must be enrolled in a full-time secondary school or college program. The academy places a high priority on continued education in addition to football training. They want to develop well-rounded young players and future leaders.

4. Residency

You must be a resident of the UK or Ireland. The academy primarily accepts applications from players living within a commutable distance of the Manchester area. They do not provide housing or cover travel expenses for players outside these regions.

5. Physical Fitness

Applicants should be in peak physical condition with high stamina and endurance. The training program is rigorous and demanding. You will need to complete speed, agility and endurance tests as part of the application process. Players who do not meet minimum fitness standards will not progress to further stages.

If you meet all these requirements, you have a chance to join one of the most prestigious football academies in the world. Apply online and include footage of your skills and experience for the opportunity of a lifetime. But remember, only the best of the best will make the cut.

The Manchester United Academy Tryout and Selection Process

Getting selected for the Manchester United Academy is an incredible opportunity, but the process can be challenging. Understanding how the tryouts and selection process work will help you prepare and increase your chances of being chosen.

First, you need to meet the basic eligibility criteria. Applicants must be between 16 to 18 years of age and have a EU passport or be eligible for a Governing Body Endorsement (GBE) from the FA. You’ll also need to currently play for a professional or semi-professional football club.

1. The Application

The initial application requires personal details, a short personal statement about your footballing ambitions, and video footage of you playing a competitive match. Your video should showcase your best skills, like dribbling past opponents, scoring goals, defending well, or distributing the ball accurately. The video and application are reviewed to determine who will be invited for a trial.

2. The Trials

If selected from the application round, you’ll be invited to a trial at the Manchester United training complex. The trials evaluate both your footballing ability as well as your potential for development. Coaches will assess skills like passing, dribbling, shooting, and tackling. They’ll also evaluate physical attributes such as pace, strength, balance, and endurance. Performance in small-sided games and match scenarios are observed.

3. The Interview

The top performers in the trials are invited for an interview with Academy coaches and scouts. The interview helps determine if you have the right mentality and character to be a Manchester United player. Questions will assess your motivation, commitment to continuous self-improvement, and enthusiasm for the game.

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Being offered a scholarship is extremely competitive, but with hard work and the right mentality, you have a chance to become a future star. Stay determined, train hard, and don’t lose hope, you could be pulling on the famous red shirt of Manchester United soon!

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