How To Apply For AS Roma Youth Academy Scholarship

The “AS Roma Academy” at AS Roma is dedicated to developing young talent while promoting the qualities of sportsmanship, teamwork, and dedication. Aspiring football players of all ages can hone their abilities in an organized atmosphere at the academy with the help of knowledgeable coaches and mentors. With an emphasis on both on-field skill and off-field discipline, AS Roma Academy provides a comprehensive approach to player development that emphasizes character development in addition to technical skill development.

The AS Roma Academy serves promising footballers from early childhood through adolescence, operating across various age groups. The training program emphasizes technical skill, tactical awareness, and physical fitness in line with the club’s philosophy and methods. The school works to get its pupils ready for the demands of playing professional football by providing them with exposure to a professional environment, competitive matches, and specialized coaching sessions.

Beyond the pitch, AS Roma Academy is dedicated to fostering academic success and holistic development. In order to help athletes strike a balance between their academic and athletic goals, the academy places a strong emphasis on education. With cutting edge facilities and a committed coaching team, AS Roma Academy works to develop well-rounded people who can succeed in both football and life.
Enrollment requirements for the AS Roma Football Academy:

The club mainly uses AS Roma Academy Scouts and Open Football Trials to find young people for enrollment. On the other hand, those who are interested in joining—especially those who study abroad—can apply via the club’s website.

Give thorough personal details, including your contact information and any prior club memberships, if any.
Get parental approval, especially if the person is less than eighteen.
When submitting an AS Roma Academy Scholarship application, include evidence of your financial need.
Send in a video demonstration of your abilities; candidates from other countries should primarily use this approach.

The unique qualities of this academy’s youth team are the main reason for its reputation on a global scale. Our commitment to developing young athletes in both athletics and academia is embodied in our AS Roma Global Academy initiative. With this project, we hope to spread the club’s mission, values, and culture throughout the world.

We essentially provide a year-round, all-inclusive team experience for boys and girls ages 5 to 17. They get the chance to become fully immersed in the training beliefs and practices of the club.

Please email [email protected] with any questions you may have about our AS Roma International Academy program.

The Academies in Quito, Ecuador; New York, USA; and Abuja, Nigeria are currently accepting applications. Find out more information about joining the Roma FC League Academy.
Working Out in the Academy:

At the AS Roma Academy, training consists of playing matches, receiving instruction in the classroom, and receiving on-field training. It’s an immersive experience that helps players improve their abilities, comprehend the subtleties of the game more thoroughly, and learn important information about many facets of football.

The Academy’s methodology combines classroom instruction with hands-on training to ensure that players develop not just their technical skills but also their understanding of strategy, collaboration, and sportsmanship. The extensive training program provided by AS Roma includes friendly matches, competitive games against other academy teams, and regular practice sessions. This comprehensive strategy gives young athletes a well-rounded experience in the professional football league, fostering their personal and professional development.
In Nigeria, AS Roma Academy

On December 14, 2020, AS Roma Football Academy Abuja opened for business in Nigeria, becoming one of the recognized AS Roma Academy football schools. Their main goal is to develop aspiring youth players, ages five to seventeen.

The primary objective of the academy is to coach aspiring athletes who are keen to understand the training regimens and approaches used by successful football legends.

Known throughout the world for its outstanding youth teams, the AS Roma International Foundation represents our commitment to teaching young athletes in both sports and academics. The goal of this program is to introduce the club’s ideals and principles to a global audience.

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Advantages of Participating in the Academy:

  • Assurance of full-year enrollment at the academy with welfare and housing provided for free, in addition to many other benefits.
  • Exposure to the world-class training program of AS Roma, which has produced many exceptional players.\
  • Players who excel in elite teams may be given the chance to play for their country’s national team.
  • Possibilities of being scouted by the scouting division of AS Roma.
  • Possibility of worldwide tryouts and participation in global events for selected players.

Official internet page:

You can apply through the following link:


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