Prospect Researcher At Sticker Mule

Sticker Mule is the internet’s most “kick-ass” brand. We’re a remote team spread all over the world. Our team from top to bottom makes growth a top priority and it’s ingrained in our company culture. But most importantly, we just enjoy making customers happy and having fun while doing so.

Why you’ll like working here:
1. Customers love our service and tell us all the time!
2. We offer flexibility in your work day.
3. We work at a sustainable pace to foster a non-stressful work environment.

Job description
The prospect researcher manually researches, builds and organizes prospect lists for our sales and public relationships teams.

Work performed
1. Finds outreach prospects for key products, services and initiatives.
2. Collaborates with sales, marketing and public relations to develop outreach campaigns.
3. Uses Buzzstream, Scraping Bee and other tools to build prospect lists.
4. Reviews competitive backlinks to find outreach prospects.
5. Evaluates buying lists from 3rd party lead vendors.
6. Determines how to obtain lists for various market segments.
7. Researches new methods to find prospects effectively.
8. Performs other tasks as requested by management.

1. Excellent written communication skills
2. Proficient at using Google advanced search operators.
3. Familiar with screen scraping and basic scripting.
4. Must be located in the US or Canada.

Compensation & benefits
1. $60K+ depending on experience
2. $5,000 signing bonus
3. 4 weeks vacation
4. Health and dental insurance (for US employees)

TO APPLY: go to and apply on our website!

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