Realmadrid Foundation Campus Summer Camp

Realmadrid Foundation Campus Summer Camp

Real Madrid supporters of all skill levels are welcome to enroll in the summer camp at Realmadrid Foundation Campus Experience. Fans travel from all over the world to participate in these activities and express their passion for their preferred club every summer.

The camp’s official Realmadrid Foundation trainers oversee the training program, which adheres to Real Madrid’s methodology. In order to give participants the feeling of becoming their favourite football heroes, they even receive full Realmadrid Foundation Campus Experience kit. Participants gain valuable life lessons in addition to football talents, such as cooperation, leadership, diligence, respect, and discipline—the essence of “madridismo.”

The Campus Experience at Realmadrid Foundation offers a range of programs to meet diverse objectives. For people who are new to football, the Standard Programme offers engaging and enjoyable training. With additional training hours, the Intensive Programme is a little more difficult. For individuals who are concentrating on goaltender skills, there is also the Specific Keeper Programme.
Details of the camp:

  • Where: Madrid, Spain
  • Gender and Age: Depending on the curriculum, boys and girls between the ages of 9 and 17
  • Skill Level: For football players who are just starting out or at an intermediate level
  • Football-related extra learning: Discusses football theory, strategies, and significant ideals
  • Twenty students are in each training group.
  • Spanish is the language of coaching.
  • 2 out of 5 for the Standard Program and 3 out of 5 for the Intensive Program is the difficulty level.
  • Grass fields, both natural and artificial, serve as the training ground.
  • Additional Training Facilities: Classrooms devoted to teaching football philosophy
  • Excellent, receiving a five-star rating for quality

Boys and girls from 9 to 17 are welcome to attend the camps at Realmadrid Foundation Campus Experience, regardless of their level of football ability. They provide many programs.

Those who are new to or intermediate players should use the Standard Programme. The nicest part is training at Valdebebas, the official location of the Realmadrid Foundation; it’s entertaining and enlightening.
Everyone is eligible for the Specific Keeper Programme, even if you have never played football. Also, it is in Valdebebas.
The Intensive Program requires more training hours and is more difficult. It is intended for football enthusiasts. At the European University of Madrid, instruction is provided.

A major goal of each Realmadrid Foundation Campus Experience camp is to impart knowledge. In addition to spending hours practicing football, students participate in enjoyable camp activities.
Those who coach at summer camps:

The Realmadrid Foundation has certified each of the summer camp coaches. In order to become qualified, they must study Real Madrid’s ideology and methods as well as the fundamental principles of “madridismo,” which include discipline, hard effort, respect, cooperation, and leadership. In order to impart their knowledge to younger players, they also research teaching strategies.

The summer camp coaching team’s passion is what makes them stand out. Their dedication is in inspiring their pupils to constantly strive for improvement.

Camp amenities:

  • Take a room in a residence hall on campus that offers full board.
  • Two-player rooms with individual bathrooms
  • Professional players’ campus, Valdebebas, is where training takes place.
  • There are excellent fields with both grass and synthetic surfaces accessible.
  • Providing self-service choices while taking dietary restrictions and allergies into account


Spain’s capital city of Madrid is the location of this soccer camp.

Residence: Autonomous University of Madrid Sports Facilities: Found within the city at Valdebebas at Real Madrid’s facilities.

Safety precautions:

The home is situated in a safe neighborhood that welcomes students all year round.
Campers will be transported to the training centre by bus, under the constant supervision of staff members who will make sure they are safe at all times.

Real Madrid Camp website:


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