Arsenal Soccer Camp

Children ages 7 to 14 can experience the training methods used by the team by enrolling in the Arsenal Soccer Camp. Boys and girls get the exceptional chance to receive one-on-one tutoring from Arsenal’s professional instructors throughout this program. The training sessions are conducted at the prestigious Arsenal academy located in Hale End, giving participants exclusive access to the techniques used by the team to develop their own young players.

The Arsenal Soccer Camp places a strong focus on developing players’ character as well as their playing skills. In addition to teamwork, sportsmanship, and discipline, the camp imparts values through its on-field drills and training sessions. Participants learn about the club’s ideology, which is modelled around the commitment and expertise that are associated with Arsenal FC. Beyond developing athletic prowess, the camp seeks to shape well-rounded people who can succeed on and off the field.

These camps offer an insight into the top-tier training techniques and facilities that Arsenal FC is known for. Young athletes have the opportunity to train with state-of-the-art tools and methods, much like professional athletes do. In addition, the camps help young players show off their skills. They provide a stage on which future stars might attract the attention of coaches and talent scouts, thereby opening doors for them to join Arsenal’s top youth teams.

Summer Schools Residential Camps at Arsenal UK in 2023:

The Arsenal Football Club offers residential camps for UK Summer institutions at four outstanding boarding institutions in the country. These institutions provide excellent football fields and accommodations, making it the perfect place for boys and girls to practice together. Grouping participants according to their motivation and skill levels creates an atmosphere that is favourable to their growth.

Among these centres, Ardingly College’s centre for girls alone is particularly noteworthy. Alongside the boy’s groups offered at the other locations, this centre offers a program exclusively for females between the ages of nine and fourteen.

The curriculum is designed to foster English language proficiency and impart the Arsenal football philosophy. It is overseen by our Coaching team and developed by our Football Development Program Manager. The curriculum offers a complete approach, emphasizing several facets of the game such as skills, tactics, match play, sports science, nutrition, and self-assurance building. Every player is given a drink bottle and an adidas Football Development shirt, and they can take part in a Skills Test at specific locations.

The Exsportise program is made up of several parts:

15 Hours of English Tuition: This section, which focuses on language growth and acquisition, runs three hours a day, Monday through Friday.
15 Hours of Football Training: This portion lasts for three hours every day, Monday through Friday, and consists of coaching, games, and workshops. It offers a comprehensive approach to the game while aiming to improve football skills.
“Arsenal style of play” Instruction: Players are instructed in the art of playing football in accordance with the famous Arsenal style, incorporating the tactics and strategies of the team.
Appropriate for Every Level: The curriculum ensures inclusion and adaptation by accommodating participants with varying skill levels.
Training for Specialized Skills and Drills: This type of training focuses on developing specialized football skills such as receiving, passing, dribbling, turning, and physical agility.

Please visit their official website to apply for Arsenal UK Summer Schools or for more information.

Qualifiability Standards:

The Arsenal Academy has certain requirements for admission. In order to become a member of the Arsenal Football Academy, you must:

  • Age Requirement: Interested parties must be between the ages of 6 and 18. They have to be legal residents of the UK or have the right to live there. This requirement is essential since it guarantees consistent attendance at practices and games, which is a prerequisite for academy membership.
  • Skills and Physical Fitness: Players with a sincere love for the game and a committed dedication are what the club is looking for. Applicants must have strong tactical awareness, expert technical proficiency, and general physical fitness. Before enrolling, prospective athletes must also maintain excellent physical health and pass a medical examination. This comprehensive assessment guarantees participants’ safety and validates their capacity to withstand the rigorous training program at the school.

Trials at Arsenal Academy:

The tryouts at the Arsenal Academy are the next step in becoming a member of the academy. Usually held once or twice a year, the club selects a select selection of players to take part in these trials. Players use it as a stage to showcase their abilities in an effort to make an impression on the academy’s coaching staff. Outstanding results in these trials frequently result in a desired position in the academy.

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Players participate in a series of carefully crafted drills and activities throughout these sessions to evaluate their physical fitness, tactical acuity, and technical proficiency. Coaches also keep a close eye out for qualities other than skill, looking for players who have a positive outlook and a genuine want to develop. Talent is important to the club, but so is a commitment to hard effort and ongoing growth.


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